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Do NOT Move to eBooks

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Well, I discovered a major problem with Amazon, so that you don’t have too…  Thank God I only bought a couple of book to try the whole exercise out.

At the moment Kindle for PC is de-registering itself after every reboot.  It then forces me to go online, register the device again (only it’s still showing as registered on the Amazon site) and then download the books again.

This problem caused me to do some research and I then ran into this lovely little article regarding DRM management for Kindle books.


So – in a nutshell, the publishers set limits for the number of times a book can be downloaded.  This means you don’t own the book outright.

In that case I’m inclined to stick with paper.  Why?  When you own a good old fashioned paper copy Amazon or Apple won’t turn up on your doorstep demanding it back because you were so bold as to read it in five rooms of your house and on the train when the publisher only allows three rooms and a car.

So, I’d avoid it for now.  Let the ebook reader war play itself out and stick to paper copies.  If it gets any better I’ll let you know…

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August 28, 2010 at 11:26 pm

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